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“How does one know if they are part of the Echelon? I never really consider myself a 'hardcore' fan of any band, so it's hard to tell. I'm sorry if this is clogging your box >.<”


You know you’re Echelon when the Thirty Seconds To Mars community starts feeling like your family.

This song. ❤️ #llfd #30secondstomars #doordie @jaredleto @shannonleto @tomofromearth @30secondstomars #echelon #music
The Sleepover - BAD IDEA. Here’s why -

No one’s abusing the band. We’re just disagreeing with them.

A platinum certified, record breaking band should not have to resort to such extremes to promote an album. 

Buy the album for it’s music. It’s incorrect to lure people into buying the album by dangling the prospect of sleeping on the hot frontman’s bed. (The objectification is intentional)

I feel like an incredibly amazing, warm, compassionate band, one that really reaches out to its fans is disrespecting itself by employing such extreme promotional strategies. 

And for those who are saying that “Jared’s just showing that we’re one with the band.” that “the Echelon and 30STM are one giant family.” While I do agree with the giant family bit, would you give a flying rat’s ass if I asked you to sleep on my bed? Isn’t making a fanfare out of sleeping on Jared’s bed reinstating his position as celebrity rather than making him one of us? Don’t get me wrong, there really is nothing wrong in being a celebrity. I just don’t accept that specific line of argument, that’s all. 

Meeting the band, talking to them, telling them how much they mean to you - that’s inspiration, that’s gratitude, that is me being jealous of how incredibly fucking lucky you are. But winning a night on Jared Leto’s bed? That’s fanfare. Are you telling me that THAT is what Thirty Seconds To Mars is about? Fanfare? 

The Sleepover and the Echelon War.

Thirty Seconds to Mars shouldn’t have to go to such extremes to promote their album.

Meeting the band, winning a visit to the lab - GREAT! But with the whole “1 OF THE 5 WINNERS will spend the night at Jared’s house IN Jared’s very own BED.” they’re basically saying, “Buy our album and we will let you enter our most private and sacred spaces (No sexual innuendo whatsoever).” There are better ways to promote an album.

And the Echelon who are in favour of this promotional endeavour, GOOD FOR YOU. But stop with the “Y’all are non- believers” crap. We’ve all stood by each other and the band before, and we will continue to do so. MARS will always have our love and gratitude but just coz you love something and are part of a community doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to be your own person too.

I still love the band and ALL the Echelon. Yes, even the ones who now hate on me, because I think it’s absolutely ridiculous to hate on each other because of ONE difference in opinion.

Sup Muddafugga? Teenage Shan!


when i turn 69 im just going to be laughing all year

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